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In a time of uncertainty, catalyze experience into wisdom.

For now... and what's next

Furthering is more than an executive coaching firm. It's an invitation for individuals and teams to clarify goals, deepen self-awareness and fortify trust, develop tools to achieve their development objectives, and unlock their capacity as leaders for whatever comes next.


Mike Hanas has been supporting leaders and groups to achieve clarity, shared purpose, courage, and wisdom throughout his professional career. After several decades of serving in front-facing leadership roles (including 19 years as a Head of School), Mike is called to put what he's experienced and learned to use in support of others extending themselves.

The animating values of Furthering are learning, leadership, and service. Mike builds relationships from a posture of curiosity and humility and a desire for impact and meaning. He works with clients in education, non-profits, and commercial enterprises and supports their development of internal resources and wisdom through structured, reflective practice. Clients continue to engage with Furthering because they feel heard, refreshed, safe, and confident to take action.

areas of practice





of practice


  • Celebrating and supporting the privilege and responsibilities of leadership

  • Leveraging self-awareness, capacity, enrollment of others, wisdom, joy, and savoring

  • Services include: individual executive coaching, team leadership development, group coaching, strategic planning, board chair coaching, and process observation (for senior leaders, CEOs, founders, and trustees)


  • Partnering in the loosening and untangling of knots

  • Leveraging even-keeled presence, ownership, insight, and possibility

  • Services include: crisis management and conflict resolution


  • Shaping transition through liminal space

  • Leveraging movement, connection and community, imagination, and abundance

  • Services include: deliberately framed facilitation for decision-making about individual or institutional transition (potential or underway)


Furthering's values-vision-tools-action approach supports individuals and groups who are committed to growing their capacities and moving forward in personal, educational, non-profit, or commerical enterprises.



Individual and Group Coaching

Ongoing reflective coaching for individuals around leadership, discernment & decision-making, transitional moments, crisis & conflict, and personal growth.

Coaching can be one-on-one or in a group setting.

Facilitation & Mediation


Partnership for Teams

Patient, possibilities-focused partnership for groups and teams navigating conflict, change, or crisis.

Areas of practice include conflict mediation, team building, strategic planning, priority setting, and more.

Professional Learning

Screen Shot 2023-05-04 at 11.12.32 PM.png

Customized Guidance

Custom, responsive workshops, seminars, and sessions targeted to  the growth and learning areas for your and your team.

Fortified Governance

Rafting Team

Enhanced Processes and Partherships

Board Chair coaching, process observation, and fortification of the partnership between Trustees, Heads of School, and Senior Leaders.


Mike is a grounding force, a professional to his core and passionate about his craft. I have worked with Mike for over three years as he has grown his leadership coaching presence, and I have focused more on my own leadership style.
Mike makes me feel heard, meets me where I am, and consistently provides feedback that is manageable on my own time. He is responsive, respectful and relies on years of experience working *with* people to help me achieve my own goals.
I am so fortunate to have his expertise to rely on and have recommended him to a number of colleagues.

Lauren Y

About Mike

  • BA | Classics | College of the Holy Cross

  • EdM | Administration, Planning, and Social Policy | Harvard Graduate School of Education

  • Certificate | Executive Coaching | UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

Mike Hanas has been a leader in education and executive coaching for nearly 40 years. After falling in love with classics as an undergraduate and then bringing his passion for learning to the classroom, Mike has worked as a teacher and leader in five different independent schools, including almost 20 years as a Head of School. Mike's sincere belief in (a) the power of reflection to catalyze wisdom and (b) the deep potential of others led him to launch Furthering in 2018 to advance learning, leadership, and service through individual and team support.

Clients: Mike's ideal colleagues and clients are professionals extending themselves, whether in decision-making or prioritizing; in searching for better balance or the benefits of well-lopsidedness; in solving a problem, responding to a crisis, or resolving a conflict; or in pursuing an opportunity, whether in a new or familiar role or in between.

The Work: Mike has come to experience responsibility, (including pressure) as a privilege, and considers himself a student first. He employs a complex systems approach—informed not only by knowledge and skills necessary, but also by the context and identity that shape a challenge or opportunity—and helps leaders loosen and untangle knots. Mike works with individuals and teams, including Heads, Founders, CEOs, Boards, Executive Directors, and Senior Leaders, to address technical and adaptive issues and opportunities, restore trust where needed, reconnect with purpose and possibilities, and augment capacity. Together they frame discernment about what matters most, what's next, and how to get there, i.e., pathways to a larger purpose, toward a highest aspiration. 

Mike appreciates "solvitur ambulando," a Latin phrase meaning "it is solved by walking," and is used to refer to a problem that is solved by a practical experiment. He loves walking meetings and has made significant use of them—physical, virtual, and metaphorical.

Let's connect!

Whether you are interested in coaching, facilitation and mediation, professional learning, or anything else, let's explore what furthering might look like for you.

Thanks for reaching out!

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